Scope of Indemnity

Rental Agreement Indemnity – A Setback for Rental Companies

Readers of this blog know that the terms and conditions in equipment rental agreements favor the rental company. Those agreements typically have one-sided indemnity clauses, on the basis that the rental company expects the renting contractor to carry… Read More
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Inherent Limitations in Some Anti-Indemnity Laws

A majority of states have enacted anti-indemnity laws in various forms, protecting subcontractors (in most states with such laws) and prime contractors (in a lesser number of states) from overbroad indemnity clauses. But some clauses target sectors o… Read More
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Subcontractor Indemnity Did Not Cover Claim Arising from Contractor Decision

A subcontractor was obligated to provide experienced workers, and the GC had the right to tell the sub to remove anyone without the requisite experience. The sub’s workforce included a woman without any prior experience with the rebar bending machi… Read More
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