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A set of coordinated contracts is critical to a complete understanding of a construction project and to establishing consistent expectations among all parties. I have drafted and negotiated over a thousand contracts for dozens of various types of commercial and institutional projects, and have worked with all major sectors of the construction industry.

My contracting philosophy is to identify the client's position and state it clearly. My approach is to eliminate inconsistencies and avoid language that could create ambiguity or foster miscommunication. Covering the same topic more than once in a contract can lead to variations in terms and unwanted discrepancies.

I am familiar with all of the major association template forms: AIA, ConsensusDocs, EJCDC, DBIA, and CMAA. "Familiar" means not only analyzing, drafting and negotiating those forms, but also speaking to industry groups about the forms and the periodic updates that are issued by the sponsoring associations. For AIA and ConsensusDocs forms, I have also participated on committees and task forces providing input to the associations in the process of updating and revising those forms.

I also provide training for client teams on critical contract terms and strategies for contract negotiation.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss how I can assist with your contracting needs.

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Stan Martin holds a law degree and an undergraduate degree in architecture. He has been involved with the construction industry for more than 45 years, working in construction prior to law school and beginning his construction law practice. During his career, he has been actively involved with the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts, the Boston Society of Architects, the American Arbitration Association, and the Massachusetts Building Congress.

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