Owner’s Property Insurer Could Pursue GC and Sub for Repayment

A waiver of subrogation clause is common in construction contracts, relative to property or builder’s risk insurance. It is not just a risk allocation tool, but an insurance risk allocation tool. When there is no waiver of subrogation, does other l… Read More
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GL Exclusion for Liability Insured Under a Wrap-Up? Ambiguous.

Per a federal court, a GL exclusion that refers to a “wrap-up” is ambiguous, so the carrier’s request for summary judgment against coverage was denied, and the plaintiffs’ corresponding request to establish coverage was allowed. The underlyin… Read More
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Contractor who Funded CCIP has “Principal Employer” Immunity from Injured Subcontractor Worker Claims

The Connecticut Supreme Court has held that workers’ compensation immunity from injured worker tort claims extends to the contractor that funded a project Contractor Controlled Insurance Program, or CCIP. The claims arose from an explosion at the K… Read More
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