Duty to Defend

Duty to Defend Enforceable Even if Duty to Indemnify is Unresolved

A Connecticut court, applying plain language in a subcontract, has held that the sub must defend the general contractor in an injured worker lawsuit, even if the sub’s obligation to indemnify the GC is not yet established. The worker was employed b… Read More
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Insurer’s Duty to Defend Does Not Include Duty to Pursue Counterclaim

At first blush this seems simple: “defend” does not mean “prosecute.” But there is a split among jurisdictions as to whether the insurer’s duty to defend includes the duty to pursue a counterclaim that is factually intertwined with the defe… Read More
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Contract Indemnity and Duty to Defend vs. Insurance Duty to Defend

A New Hampshire court has issued a thoughtful decision on the duty to defend arising from an indemnity obligation in a design contract. The court distinguished between the duty to defend often invoked for insurance coverage, from a duty to defend exp… Read More
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Indemnity, Duty to Defend, and Timing

The concept of indemnity gets a lot of press. With good reason, since an indemnity is one tool in the risk management shed. As a recent court decision shows, however, a duty to defend is different than an indemnity. And a party who seeks to establish… Read More
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