New York Labor Law

Proof that New York’s Labor Law is Broken

Project owners, contractors, subcontractors and insurers would all agree – the New York Labor Law is an unreasonable transfer of safety risk away from those who are most responsible for safety. Only the plaintiffs’ bar would disagree. We now have… Read More
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There Really Is a Limit to the Reach of Injured Worker Claims

It sometimes seems that any serious injured worker claim turns into a lawsuit against all the “usual suspects” other than the worker’s employer. And those other companies must then defend themselves, on occasion from a claim that can’t be sup… Read More
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Worker Protection and the New York Labor Law – Absolute Liability for Commonplace Missteps

A tile finisher needed a short platform to reach the top of installed bathroom tile to inspect the finished work, after toilets had been installed in a Delta Sky Club lounge. He used a “Kwik Bench” raised platform (“Heights adjusts [sic] from 1… Read More
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