Insurance Coverage

Insurance Policy Did Not Cover Preemptive Measures to Avoid a Larger, Covered Loss

This is a non-construction case that will impact construction parties. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has held that costs incurred by an insured in order to prevent greater losses are not covered by insurance, even though the greater losses… Read More
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Dispelling Myths about Insurance Coverage of Defective Construction

Lawsuits over defective construction often result in one or more parties attempting to invoke insurance coverage, at least to cover defense costs if not to cover the underlying claims. Some fifty years after courts began parsing the extent of insuran… Read More
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Insurance Coverage for Damaged NYC Tower Crane

Readers will recall photos of a tower crane damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Construction of the NYC high-rise building known as One57 was underway when the crane was lashed by hurricane-force winds. The crane jib was apparently blown backwards, and ended… Read More
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