Integrated Project Delivery Survey Data Available

A survey of 59 North American IPD projects has recently been published and is available online. Most striking about the results are (a) the uniformly positive responses across the spectrum of owner-architect-contractor, (b) the range of project size (⅓ >$50M, but ¼ <$10M), and (c) the variety of projects, e.g., industrial, office, government, etc. (although health care makes up 50%, largely due to Sutter Health in California).

The survey is available here. Not surprisingly, given the lack of traction for IPD in the US, one-half of the survey respondents say the project in question was their first experience with IPD. Owner and contractor respondents have predominantly reported quality of building outcome to be "significantly better" than expected, with none reporting that criteria to be worse than expected. In fact, negative responses were below 10% in all criteria except for schedule and cost control, where negative responses were still below 20%. More than 80% of owner respondents and more than 70% of contractor respondents reported it is “significantly likely” that they would want to be part of an IPD project again; about 50% of architect respondents reported the same.

ENR reporter Nadine Post comments on the uniformly positive responses to date from survey participants.

The survey was conducted by the University of Minnesota and sponsored by the Integrated Project Delivery Alliance in Canada. The survey remains open until September 15, 2016. Persons involved with an IPD project may respond to the survey here.